StrimeoTV – Privacy Policy



1. Who we are:
We are StrimeoTV. We provide this website (the “Site“) in Poland
We are based in Poland. Our company details are in section 1 below.
If you have any questions or need any help in relation to our privacy policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer at
2. Our values and what this privacy policy is for:
We value your privacy and want to be accountable and fair to you as well as transparent with you in the way that we collect and use your personal information. Our overall aim is to ensure that our collection and use of personal information is appropriate to the provision of the Site to you, and is in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We also want you to know your rights in relation to your information which you can find here, in section V.
In line with these values, this privacy policy tells you what to expect when we collect and use personal information about you. We have tried to make it easy for you to navigate so you can find the information that is most relevant to you and our relationship with you.

  1. Who this privacy policy applies to: This privacy policy applies to all users of our Site.
  2. What this privacy policy contains: This privacy policy describes the following important topics

relating to your information.

  1. Who We Are
  2. The Personal Information We Collect About You
  3. How We Store And Use Your Personal Information
  4. How We Share Your Personal Information And Who We Share It With
  5. International Transfers
  6. Cookies
  7. Security
  8. Data Retention
  9. Your Rights
  10. Third-Party Sites
  11. Changes To This Privacy Policy

information as set out in section V Two key rights are that you may:
a. ask us to stop using your personal information for direct marketing purposes. If you exercise this right, we will stop using your personal information for this purpose; and
b. ask us to consider any valid objections which you have to our use of your personal information where we process your personal information on the basis of our, or another person’s, legitimate interest.
F. What you need to do and your confirmation to us: Please read this privacy policy carefully to understand how we handle your personal information.

I. Who We Are
In the interests of maintaining the right to privacy of users of StrimeoTV services (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”) and fulfilling the requirements arising from legal provisions, Agencja LDB Paweł Stefanowicz, based in Jelenia Góra, at ul. Łazienkowska 1a, 58-570 Jelenia Góra (hereinafter referred to as StrimeoTV), publishes a document in which it explains and informs about the manner in which data provided by users of the Services (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) are collected, processed and secured.

Your rights to object: You have various rights in respect of our use of your personal


The administrator of personal data (“administrator”) made available by the User when using the Services is AgencjaLDB Paweł Stefanowicz, based in Elena Góra, at ul. Łazienkowska 1a, 58-570 Jelenia Góra. StrimeoTV processes personal data in accordance with applicable law, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (“GDPR”) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services.

StrimeoTV provides its Users with the possibility of using their Services anonymously, however, in order to gain full access to the content and services offered through the Services, it is advisable to register by completing the registration form. Providing data by the User is voluntary, however, failure to provide some data may prevent you from registering on the Services, using some services, receiving the newsletter, etc.

During registration, StrimeoTV will inform the User which of the data listed in the registration form is necessary to provide content or services and will indicate which of the data is additional data not affecting the suspension of the registration process. The user decides which of the additional data provided by him will be made public.

In order to register on the Services, the User will be asked to provide at least the following data: • first name or nickname,
• Email address,
• Password.

In addition, StrimeoTV collects information on Users’ interactions with the Services, content and services, including device and login information, so-called system logs, containing the date, time of visit and the IP number of the device from which the connection was made, as well as data on Website viewing statistics, traffic to and from individual websites. The above activities are aimed at improving the Services and adapting them to the needs of the User. The data saved in the server logs are not associated with specific people using the Website or System and are not used by the Administrator to identify the User.

StrimeoTV User also receives information about payment operators, i.e. entities that allow the User to make online payments for services purchased from StrimeoTV. We receive information from them about the status of payment for the service.
If you log into your StrimeoTV account through another platform – verifying and authenticating the User – StrimeoTV receives this data from entities providing such a service, i.e. Facebook, Google or Twitter. We receive from them such data: email address, gender, user ID, date of birth, automatically generated login.

Users’ data are processed in particular for the following purposes:
• providing content and services to Users, including content tailored to their interests,
• measuring and improving content and services,
• informing about StrimeoTV content and services as well as content and services of other cooperating companies
from StrimeoTV,
• providing advertising space on the Services,
• conducting direct marketing,
• sending a free newsletter with information about StrimeoTV, if the User previously
has agreed to receive promotional correspondence from StrimeoTV,
• responses to complaints and complaints,
• ensuring compliance with legal regulations, where legal regulations require processing
personal data,
• ensuring security of information processing in StrimeoTV,
• management of ICT systems,
• redress.
To the extent that the User’s personal data is processed in order to improve the content and services of StrimeoTV, provide information on other StrimeoTV services, as well as provide personalized marketing content on the Services, conduct research and analysis of products, services, the effectiveness of StrimeoTV ads and third parties the legal basis for the processing of User’s personal data is the legitimate interest of StrimeoTV. It is in StrimeoTV’s interest to provide, improve its services, ensure their best quality and inform Users about them.
Third parties (the StrimeoTV partners listed here may have access to the StrimeoTV websites for posting their own codes that allow you to analyze your online activity, to display ads tailored to

your interests and preferences, thanks to automated comparison of your interests and preferences with model interests and preferences of Internet users (profiling).
In this regard, StrimeoTV Partners are the controllers of your personal data, independent of StrimeoTV and apply to their processing of your personal data rules and obligations corresponding to those described in this Policy in relation to StrimeoTV.
A registered User may consent to receive the newsletter from StrimeoTV through his account on the Services. The newsletter may contain content tailored to the User’s interests, based on his activity and viewed content on the Services. The User may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by changing the settings in the User’s account.
The legal basis for the processing of User’s personal data by StrimeoTV may also be the need to perform contracts concluded with the User, on the basis of which the User gains access to the Services, as well as uses other StrimeoTV services.

StrimeoTV, in principle, does not disclose Users’ personal data to third parties or persons, except for cases where StrimeoTV has a legal basis for this, as well as at the request of authorized entities, or when it is necessary to perform the services offered by StrimeoTV.
User data may be made available at the request of public authorities or other entities authorized for such access on the basis of legal provisions, in particular when it is necessary to ensure the security of our systems or the rights of other Users.
Access to User’s data may be obtained by entities whose services are used by StrimeoTV in order to provide services to Users (e.g. entities providing Website hosting). In such cases, StrimeoTV has concluded appropriate agreements with these entities, the subject of which is to secure Users’ data against unauthorized access.
Due to the need to prevent the execution of certain functions on StrimeoTV websites by robots, StrimeoTV uses the Google reCAPTCHA mechanism to sporadically examine whether Users’ behavior does not bear the hallmarks of robot behavior. Therefore, StrimeoTV may disclose Google Inc. User’s computer IP address.
Some of our service providers may store Users’ data outside the European Economic Area. In such cases, Users’ data may be stored in countries that provide an adequate level of personal data protection, or in countries that do not provide such a level. In the latter case, StrimeoTV protects Users’ data by concluding contracts with StrimeoTV service providers containing so- called Standard Contractual Clauses accepted by the European Commission, which guarantee adequate protection of Users’ data in third countries, use the EU-US Privacy Shield program or other grounds for personal data transfer.
StrimeoTV may disclose anonymous summary statements and statistical statements regarding e.g. the number of people visiting the Website. However, this data does not allow individual users to be identified and does not constitute personal data.

The User has the following rights in relation to his personal data processed by StrimeoTV as part of the Services.
1. Right of access to personal data:
2. At the request of the User, StrimeoTV will confirm which User’s personal data it processes and provide him with a copy of this data. In any case, the registered User has access to
personal data provided by StrimeoTV through the User’s account on the Services.
3. Right to rectify personal data:
4. In the event that the User’s personal data is incorrect or incomplete,
The user may request from StrimeoTV their rectification or addition. In any case, the registered User has the opportunity to correct his personal data through the User’s account on the Services. 5. The right to delete personal data:
6. In certain situations, the User may demand of StrimeoTV to delete personal data
processed by StrimeoTV (e.g. when data is no longer needed to provide services by StrimeoTV). 7. Right to limit the processing of personal data:
8. The User may request from StrimeoTV to temporarily suspend the processing of his data (e.g. not sending marketing information to the email address provided) in certain situations. For example, the user may order restrictions on the processing of his personal data when he objects to the processing or when he questions the correctness of the data. Despite the processing restrictions, StrimeoTV will still be entitled to store personal data.
9. Right to request the transfer of personal data:

10. In certain situations (e.g. in relation to data processed on the basis of consent)
The user also has the right to receive personal data processed by StrimeoTV in a structured, commonly used machine-readable format to transfer this data to another administrator.
11. Right to object to the processing of personal data:
The User may request that StrimeoTV cease processing its personal data when:

1. StrimeoTV processes the User’s personal data on the basis of the legitimate interest of its or a third party, except for situations in which these interests prove superior to the interests, rights and freedoms of the User,
2. User data is processed for direct marketing purposes,

3. Processing includes automated decision making towards the User, including profiling.
4. The User may exercise his rights by sending the appropriate request by road via e-mail to the following address:

StrimeoTV stores Users’ personal data only for the time that is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected. After this time, the data is deleted or anonymized in such a way that it is not possible to determine the identity of the User.
Personal data may be stored longer if such an obligation results from legal provisions or is necessary for StrimeoTV’s defense or asserting claims against Users.

The Services use automatic data storage mechanisms (mechanisms such as “cookies”, “Local Storage Object”, “e-Tag”). They are used to better adapt the Services to the needs of Users. For the purposes of this policy, automatic data storage mechanisms will be referred to as “cookies”. “Cookies” are files saved on the User’s end device, used to identify the User’s browser while using the Services. With their help, the administrator is provided with statistical information about Users ‘traffic, Users’ activity and the manner of using the Services. They allow you to customize content and services to your preferences.

Most “cookies” are so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted from the hard disk after the session (i.e. after logging out or closing the browser window). Some of the “cookies” allow the User’s end device to be recognized when visiting the Services again – they are not automatically deleted, they are saved on the end device. In the case of mobile devices, similarly as in the case of stationary devices, a mechanism of accepting “cookies” has been used, enabling to remember information related to a given User.

StrimeoTV informs that third parties, including those not related by capital to StrimeoTV, may display their “cookies” in Users’ browsers in order to display advertisements on the Services. StrimeoTV uses the services of external service providers to collect information on Users’ activity on the Services. These entities may place their “cookies” on Users’ devices.

The websites also use a third-party service, thanks to which StrimeoTV obtains anonymized reports on the use of the Website and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. A user who does not agree to such a way of monitoring his behavior should express his objection, using the tools available on websites provided by such entities, e.g. or http: // optout / removePL.php.
The user may at any time turn off the service of accepting “cookies” in his browser, however, the effect of such a change may be difficulties associated with the operation of services provided through the Website. Saved cookies can also be deleted by the User by using appropriate web browser functions, programs used for this purpose or tools available as part of the operating system used by the User.
Due to the variety of available browsers and applications used to support websites, the management of “cookies” in different browsers looks different, so before using the Services we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to manage the privacy / security functions located in the menu of the browser used by the User, and configure them in the User’s preferred way.

Failure to make changes to the settings of the browser used in the field of “cookie” file management will result in “cookie” files being automatically placed on the User’s end device. If the User does not make changes to the browser settings resulting in the exclusion of the acceptance of “cookies” and the use of the Services, the User consents to the use of “cookies” on the terms described in this Policy.
For security reasons it is recommended to use the latest available versions of web browsers.
In the event of problems related to the setting of blocking the acceptance of “cookies”, the User may request assistance from the Customer Service Department by sending an electronic inquiry to the following e-mail address:


Marketing carried out as part of the Website allows us to offer our services for free. StrimeoTV and other advertisers may use “cookies” for statistical purposes to measure ad impressions appearing on websites and the number of clicks on these ads. StrimeoTV and other advertiser cookies allow you to measure how often ads are displayed to you and how effective your marketing campaigns are. This makes it possible to provide Users using the Services with advertisements tailored to their preferences and interests. The advertisements that may interest the User are determined on the basis of the User’s behavior on the websites and the way the User interacts with the content available on the Services.

Some “cookies” placed in Users’ browsers are for marketing purposes. These files allow us to understand what content the User may be interested in and display ads based on these interests. As part of our Services, advertisements may be displayed based on Users’ behavior on other pages. For example, Users who frequently visit automotive-related pages may see car ads on our Services.
Data on Users’ activity on our Services may also be shared with our marketing partners. In connection with this, the User using other websites may see ads displayed based on activity on StrimeoTV Services.
The websites also use the form of internet marketing consisting of the so-called “Retargetowaniu.” This allows our partners to display advertising to Users based on their interactions with sites not related to StrimeoTV Services. For example, a User who on the website with RTV equipment did not complete the purchase of the computer, using the Services may see an advertisement from this page presenting products that the User viewed.
Behavioral marketing carried out as part of the Services does not involve the collection of personal data such as name, surname, address of residence, or other data enabling the attribution of User behavior to any identifiable person.
The User may object to the display of advertisements on the Services using behavioral marketing. However, this will not cause the User to display advertisements on the Services, but only the ads will not be adjusted to the User’s preferences and interests. More information on how the User may object to behavioral marketing is available on the websites of the StrimeoTV Partners indicated above, e.g.

During the login process, the user can select the “Don’t log me out” function. Selecting this function means that a “cookie” is sent to the user’s device

remembering the User. By activating this function, the User does not have to log in to the device once again after closing the browser session. Restarting the browser will cause the User visiting the Website to be recognized as logged in. If the User uses devices to which other people have access, it is recommended not to select the “do not log me out” option and to log out of the service each time. It should be remembered that running the “Do not log me out” function is not the same as the functionality offered by browsers consisting in remembering the login and access passwords by the browser. After using the “Do not log me out” option, the login status is remembered, and the access passwords are not remembered, which makes it safer from the User’s point of view, as it enables remote closing of open sessions. From the account level, the User can manage active sessions, has the ability to check the status of his account and close sessions on devices on which they remained open. Active sessions can be managed from the StrimeoTV account management level.

While using the Services, access logs with information about the User’s end device’s IP number are collected and analyzed. The information thus obtained is used for the purposes of administering the Website and for statistical analyzes of Users’ interactions with the Website. In accordance with the provisions of art. 18 clause 6 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services and other applicable law, StrimeoTV may be obliged to provide the state authorities with data provided by Users during registration to the StrimeoTV Account service, and for non-logged persons, to provide the IP number contained in access logs.

A user who decides to install a mobile application (also a widget and other functional extensions) on their device, whose producer is StrimeoTV, is informed about the security principles and the way the application works. Installation is carried out with the consent of the User. The application user may at any time opt out of using it and uninstall. Installation and uninstallation of the application owned by StrimeoTV takes place in a standard (native) way for a given version of the operating system installed on the end device. In order to uninstall the application from the end device, the User should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the operating system with which his mobile devices work.

This document only applies to Services whose administrator is StrimeoTV. StrimeoTV is not responsible for links placed on the Services enabling Users to go directly to websites whose administrator is not StrimeoTV. We encourage you to read the content of the privacy notices placed on the pages to which they refer.

Information provided by our Users is processed and stored using appropriate security measures in accordance with the requirements of Polish law. StrimeoTV protects Users’ data against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. The data is processed in a controlled environment while maintaining high standards of protection. At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that Users do not disclose their registration data to third parties and to use the “log out” option after using the content and services offered by our services.

In the footer of the Services, the administrator undertakes to maintain the current content of the privacy policy. XVI. CONTACT AND THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN
Questions, applications and comments regarding the privacy policy and processing of User’s data by StrimeoTV should be sent by e-mail to the following address:, or in writing to the address: StrimeoTV ul. Łazienkowska 1a, 58-570 Jelenia Góra. Contact with the StrimeoTV personal data inspector is possible at
In cases where the User will not be satisfied with the response given by StrimeoTV or the actions taken, the User has the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.